The Benefits of Telehealth in Hospice Care

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Hospice and palliative care for advanced cardiac disease provides many benefits for loved ones facing end of life. Many of those needing hospice or palliative care have some form of heart disease. However, hospital admissions remain high among this group. Hospice care can reduce distress and improve the end of life for those with heart failure.

Cost Savings: Hospice vs. Hospitals

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Hospice care provides dignity, comfort and for many families, significant relief from the high cost of standard medical care. Many families will avoid talking money or financial concerns when it comes to end-of-life care because it feels a little bit off color, possibly a little bit disrespectful of the person dealing with illness. Maybe that is because we so often …

3 Reasons Doctors Won’t Break Bad News

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When you or your loved one received your diagnosis, did your doctor deliver the news in clear and easily understood terms? For many patients, the answer is no. While doctors almost uniformly agree that patients need clear and direct communication, they aren’t always trained to provide it. No one enjoys delivering bad news, and medical professionals are no exception. But …