The Benefits of Telehealth in Hospice Care

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Hospice and palliative care for advanced cardiac disease provides many benefits for loved ones facing end of life. Many of those needing hospice or palliative care have some form of heart disease. However, hospital admissions remain high among this group. Hospice care can reduce distress and improve the end of life for those with heart failure.

Cost Savings: Hospice vs. Hospitals

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Hospice care provides dignity, comfort and for many families, significant relief from the high cost of standard medical care. Many families will avoid talking money or financial concerns when it comes to end-of-life care because it feels a little bit off color, possibly a little bit disrespectful of the person dealing with illness. Maybe that is because we so often …

How Does Hospice Work When The Patient Is In A Nursing Home?

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Many families will someday face the difficult task of starting hospice care for a loved one. Usually, that means that a team of hospice caregivers will schedule times to come to your home and that they will begin to help the patient to manage pain, ease any other symptoms of their illness where possible and to help with other end …

Let’s Talk About Mental Health and Hospice

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Emotional stability and good mental health are important for all of us. When we add the experience of hospice care, finding a sense of balance, calm and general understanding comes into play as an essential piece for everyone involved – the patient, their family and friends, and healthcare providers. It is important to understand how hospice addresses mental health when …

What Do Hospice Nurses Do?

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If you have ever had, or currently have, a family member in hospice, you may have interacted with a hospice nurse before. These healthcare providers can have versatile roles depending on the needs of their patient. It’s a challenging job, according to Iowa River Hospice Nurse, Jeni Mohr. Mohr sees around 14 patients per day, mainly helping them manage their …

Improving the End of Life Experience

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Most of us don’t think about death until we’re older. Those taken too soon remind us to live fuller and appreciate precious movements. A few people might buy life insurance or write letters to loved ones just in case they were to pass unexpectedly, but those preparations are meant for the ones left behind. It’s much harder to think about …