How to Honor The Deceased In the Time of COVID-19 (Part 1)

Russ Krengel Caregivers

Right now, we live in difficult times.  As more and more Oklahomans succumb to COVID-19, those of us that remain are left with many questions.  One of these is “How do we honor those that have passed?  And more importantly, how do we honor them safely?”

Thankfully, we also live in an era where technology enables us.  True, Zoom meetings and virtual scrapbooks are no match for gatherings of friends and loved ones.  At the same time, it’s good to remember that physical acts can help to keep us out of our heads.   They can also help us recover some sense of agency inside of situations we can’t control.


There are many reasons why we might have to miss the funeral of a loved one.  Thanks to OneRoom, though, now there’s a way to remember together, and to be there whatever the circumstances.  OneRoom offers a way to mimic the experience of having a bereavement ceremony with a room full of people. 

OneRoom enables families and friends to share photos and stories together.  It also has a provision for setting video slideshows to music you choose, enabling you to honor the deceased in a way that they would like.

Using OneRoom is a great way to share the story of your loved one in a way that everyone can remember them.  And it also privately records your ceremony, letting anyone you choose to be a part of the experience, regardless of timing or location. 

Watching your service again can often be a comfort at a later time.  Mindful of this, OneRoom offers secure recording of your service, preserving it for future generations.

LifeWeb 360

LifeWeb 360 is a tool that enables you to come together with family and friends to collect memories and honor the impact your loved one made in their life.  It provides a virtual space which honors people important in our lives, and does it in a way that’s authentic to them.

More than just a digital scrapbook, LifeWeb allows you to collect the threads present in your loved one’s life.  Inviting your friends and family to collaborate on these threads enables everyone to see the impact the person had on their lives.  Visitors to your LifeWeb page can use these threads — similar to “tags” —  to find the memories most meaningful to them.

Using the tools provided by LifeWeb, you can also highlight specific memories about your loved one.  Use these to tell everyone particular things you recall about your person, and show them where the essence of your loved one shines through. 

LifeWeb also offers a downloadable resource guide which aids families and funeral homes in the process of conducting virtual memorial services.


An in-person and virtual memorial service, GatheringUs also offers online memorial pages.  They coordinate logistics, simplify the technology, and take care of planning these events.  That way you can receive support from family and friends — and more importantly, be present.

This is not a typical one-way livestream.  In GatheringUs events, your guests are able to share supportive stories to celebrate and honor your loved one.

They also enable you to create your own free memorial pages, on which you can share photos or videos, as well as raise funds for the family or a charity.

GatheringUs also offers the services of their dedicated event planners.  They can help you create a custom program that can include celebrants, speakers, and clergy, as well as musicians and singers.  They will advise you on how to connect your virtual guests with your in-person gathering.