Hospice Office Manager

Duncan, OK

Job Description

The Kindful Hospice Office Manager…

is highly organized, a quick and constant learner, comfortable with technology but never loses sight of the fact that at the end of the day our goal is to positively impact the lives of the seriously ill and their families.. Responsible for supporting the Director of Clinical Services, the Office Manager is the backbone of the agency that supports all other functions. Key responsibilities include intake, equipment ordering, compliance support, hr support, training, onboarding and support of other positions ranging from managing volunteers to meeting with referral sources. The job is mainly done in the office but the office manager may occasionally be asked to complete tasks out in the community. The ideal candidate is a true “utility” player, comfortable switching “hats” throughout the day and excited at the prospect of learning new things and driving efficiency. Key personality traits include: Optimism (positivity), Enthusiasm (energy) and a Growth Mindset (constant improvement).

Reports to: Director of Clinical Services

Job Type: Full-time

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