Kindful Notes

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Kindful is dedicated to serving the needs of the seriously ill and their families. The work our nurses and aides do every day makes a world of difference to our patients and loved ones.

We thought we’d provide a glimpse into some of the most heartwarming correspondence we’ve received recently. Our work is rewarding in itself, but to know that families value and appreciate our care helps to keep us going strong.

Identifying names have been omitted to protect the privacy of the authors and their loved ones.

My brothers and I are so grateful to Kindful Hospice for all you did to make her comfortable while at Ballard’s Nursing Home. When we got Kindful Hospice involved in her care, we really were not anticipating that she would pass away within two months. …we were so thankful that you stayed until Criswell’s [Funeral Home] arrived. It meant so much to us, since none of us were able to stay with her that night due to the COVID-19 shutdown. It’s such a sad time to lose a loved one, and we really appreciated everything you did.

You all helped me and my family get through the death of my father a year ago. … I wanted to … thank you all for the comfort and professionalism you showed us during this time. We so appreciate it and God bless the great work you do every day. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Thank you for taking such great care of my husband Paul. I could not have done this road without your help.

I want to deeply express the loving care Andrea and Brittany took with my Mom. They made her last week as easy as it could be.

Thanks for all you did, he was treated with respect up to the time of his death and afterwards.”

We so appreciate the care you provided Papa even if it was for a short time.

I just wanted to send a special note of thanks and gratitude to all of the Kindful team members who made Mom’s last days as comfortable as possible and for being there for me and my family during the hardest days of our lives. You have a very special team of people who I can only describe as being gifted by God to do what you do with such grace and kindness.

Thank you so much for the kind and helpful services provided during the final two weeks of my husband’s life here on Earth. Rhonda, Amy, Crystal, Susan, and Sasha helped Mike and me during our final days together and also, Joyce who graciously cut his hair. I especially appreciated Amy and Crystal coming to our home so early on the morning that Mike passed. Your work blessed our lives.

I never would have thought that someday I would have to bury a child, but I am so thankful for your hospice services to “hold my hand” as we walked down this journey. To know that Maggie & Lynn were always right there made it not so horrendous. I cannot thank all of you enough for your services.