Who We Are

We are “Kindful” people dedicated, experienced and inspired to deliver on the mission of hospice and palliative care by providing comfort, relief and kindness to the seriously ill and their families all wrapped with heart.

We Believe

Clinical care at the end of life is just as important as clinical care at beginning of life.

We are “different by design”

We hire and train differently to make sure we have like minded team members that can fulfill what it means to deliver “Kindful Care”.


Our team includes veterans with decades of service to the hospice community in multiple states. We know we are only as good as our team members so we recruit the best to deliver superior care experiences.


We know we are only as good as our most recent patient visit so we strive every day to deliver on our Kindful approach. We hold ourselves to high standards creating accountability to our patients, their families, their medical professionals and ourselves.


We use data and technology to learn and provide better care. From bedside data capture to sharing critical information to the continuum of care, we get the most out of technology without ever losing site of the personal touch and connection needed with our patients.