Why Kindful?

Because there is "no place like home" for the "comfort and care of the elderly, chronic and seriously ill".


The quality of being friendly, generous, considerate, warm hearted, affectionate, gentle and concerned.

What We Do

Hospice and Palliative Care


Physician, Nurses and Aides create a custom plan of care for each patient focused on their needs

Emotional & Spiritual

Chaplain meets with patient and family to understand preference and provide guidance and support

Social & Volunteer

Social Worker meets with patient and family to understand needs and marshal resources. Volunteers provide companionship, caring and support.

The Difference Between Hospice and Palliative Care

Hospice One form of Palliative care, delivered to those who choose to de-select heroic end of life care and opt-in for symptom management, comfort care and pain relief. Provided as a Medicare Benefit and paid for without deductible by Medicare to eligible patients.

Palliative Care Comfort and pain relief for anyone with a serious illness, regardless of life prognosis, whether they are expected to be cured or to live years. Hospice is a form of Palliative Care. Medicare pays for the Hospice form of Palliative Care for those with a prognosis of 6-months to live or less. Other Palliative Care programs can be customized to include Hospital Palliative Care programs, Insurance based Palliative Care programs and even Private Pay Palliative Care programs.

Who We Serve

We serve the elderly, chronic, seriously ill and their families
Seriously Ill Patients and their families are always the center of our focus.
No matter what setting the patient is located in today or who is directing their care, hospice is available for all patients who meet admission criteria
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Who We Are

We are “Kindful” people.
We are dedicated, experienced and inspired to deliver on the mission of hospice and palliative care by providing comfort, relief and kindness to the seriously ill and their families all wrapped with heart.
We believe that clinical care at the end of life is just as important as clinical care at beginning of life.

How We're Different

Where to Find Us

Service Areas
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